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Home Pest Control In Nassau & Suffolk County, NY

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Defending Your Nassau and Suffolk County Home From Pest Threats

You do everything you can to make your house a place where it’s enjoyable to spend time. That means not only making it comfortable but also making it safe. Many homeowners put measures in place to keep out intruders, but not everyone thinks to keep out the much smaller intruders that invader. If pests have invaded your Nassau or Suffolk County home, they will make it an uncomfortable and potentially dangerous place to spend time.

Getting pests out of your house is essential. All State Pest Control provides the safe and effective pest control services you need to protect your home from bed bugs, termites, and other pests in the area. Our extensively trained and experienced technicians are fully licensed, bonded, and insured and are ready to solve your pest problems.

Our Home Pest Control Service

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At All State Pest Control, we take pride in the quality of our services, which means we provide the thorough services you need to get to the root of your pest problems and ensure full pest elimination in Suffolk County and beyond. A detailed inspection of the interior and exterior of your house allows us to identify pests, harborage areas, entry points, conducive conditions, and more. We even use cameras inside your walls to make sure we don’t miss anything.

Once we know exactly what issues your home is facing, we’ll develop a treatment plan to address those issues. We use eco-friendly, natural materials that are safe for your family and pets but tough against pests. Although our treatments will vary based on your home’s unique needs, you can expect a full interior and exterior treatment, including baseboards and the exterior foundation.

Our follow-up services are done three times per year, both inside and outside your house. These services keep your Nassau county home pest-free by protecting it from pests throughout the changing seasons of the year. All of our treatments include at least a 30-day warranty. If you are still experiencing pest activity after our treatment, contact us, and we’ll make it right.

Our Home Pest Control Process

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We provide free inspections to get your pest control off on the right foot. Our inspections are thorough, include both the interior and exterior, and allow us to customize a treatment plan to meet your needs.

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We base our treatments on the pest control issues your home is experiencing. We’ll customize a service plan that addresses your immediate needs while also providing protection against new pest activity.

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We recommend regular follow-up services to ensure your house remains pest-free. Our follow-up services are performed three times per year and include both the interior and exterior of your house.

Our Additional Home Services

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If you are looking for pest control that targets a specific pest, All State Pest Control can help. We offer several pest-specific services to rid your home of problem pests. These include the following:

Visit our service pages for more information.

Contact All State Pest Control For A Pest-Free Home

To get pests out of your house and keep them out, you need All State Pest Control. With our experience and commitment to delivering quality work and effective results, you can be sure that your pest problems will be a thing of the past. As a family-owned business with over 30 years of experience, we will keep your family safe and your house pest-free. Contact us to request a free inspection.

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