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Mosquito Treatments In Nassau & Suffolk County, NY

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Get Rid Of Mosquitoes Around Your Home In Nassau and Suffolk County

Outdoor living in the summer is just a way of life, especially in the Hamptons, but when pests find their way into your home or yard, your outdoor living space can become a nightmare. Among the most common summer pests in New York, mosquitoes are a part of the family of flies and are notable for having the ability to develop from egg to adult within 14 days. Interestingly enough, female mosquitoes are the ones responsible for biting people. Female mosquitoes require a blood meal to breed; males do not need blood and instead feed on nectar.

Mosquitoes are some of the most dangerous creatures on earth. They love to swarm around us, making it impossible to enjoy spending time outside. Mosquitoes in our homes are also responsible for spreading a variety of deadly diseases. Fortunately, All State Pest Control is here to help keep mosquitoes away! We offer premium mosquito treatments in the greater Nassau and Suffolk County areas; contact our mosquito control experts for a free inspection!

Mosquito Control Services In Nassau and Suffolk Counties

Standing water in a plant pot attracts mosquitoes

At All State Pest Control, we believe in protecting the environment while keeping your family safe from pests. Our seasonal, eco-friendly mosquito treatments use a cedarcide product sprayed on leaves and trees near the foundation that we apply every 21 days from March through October. We can also treat areas of standing water on request, depending on the water source. We follow this same treatment process for mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and 80 other seasonal pests in New York.

In addition to our seasonal mosquito control, we also offer one-time treatments for outdoor events and parties. Call today to learn more.

Where Will I Find Mosquitoes On My Property?

While mosquitoes may access your home through ripped or torn screens or other openings, they are more likely to be outside the home. Female mosquitoes require a small amount of water to lay eggs on. You will likely have a mosquito problem if you have standing water on your property, tall or overgrown grass, or are in an area that attracts mosquito activity.

Standing water can accumulate in any of the following objects:

  • Birdbaths
  • Buckets
  • Flowerpots
  • Gutters
  • Pet food bowls
  • Swimming pools
  • Tires

If you notice mosquitoes swarming near these objects in your yard, immediately call All State Pest Control to get mosquito populations under control.

Take Back Your Yard From Mosquitoes

New York residents know how harmful mosquitoes in our area can be. Our local pest experts are at your service with effective mosquito prevention measures designed to protect your property and keep mosquitoes away all year long! We offer several effective home pest control and commercial pest control services in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and we’re here to help.

All State Pest Control is a local, family, and veteran-owned-and-operated pest control company that specializes in eco-friendly pest solutions. We offer a variety of pest management programs such as bed bug control, termite treatments, and general residential and commercial pest control plans. To learn more about our pest control and exterminator services, contact All State Pest Control today and schedule a free inspection.

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