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Rodent Control In Nassau & Suffolk County, NY

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Managing Rats & Mice Around Nassau and Suffolk Counties

Of all the pests that invade properties, few are quite as dangerous as rodents. These animals easily find ways to break into Nassau and Suffolk County homes and businesses, setting up residence in kitchens, pantries, basements, and other readily available rooms. Once inside, rodents waste no time turning your house into their home. They chew insulation, contaminate food sources, and gnaw on wires and pipes.

At All State Pest Control, we understand the harmful effects of rodent activity all too well. In an effort to help Staten Island locals control their local rat and mouse populations, our professionals offer more than 30 years of experience in the rodent trapping and removal industry. We won't just get rid of rodents in your home — we'll keep them gone for good!

Learn more about rodent control programs from All State Pest Control by calling our Staten Island office location.

How All State Pest Control Removes Rodent Infestations

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All State Pest Control believes in rodent control done right, with personalized solutions built to meet every need. Before we begin treating your home, our technicians will start with a thorough investigation of the house, property, and perimeter.

You can expect a full home inspection that evaluates the home for specific signs of rodents during the inspection process. A few signs we look for include:

  • Gnaw marks
  • Oil stains
  • Grease marks

Judging by our inspection and any information you may be able to provide, the technicians at All State Pest Control will quickly diagnose your home and deliver solutions.

We use trapping and baiting with live traps and traditional solutions that vary according to your situation. You will rarely need to check the rodent traps around your home, as All State Pest Control technicians will take care of this process for you in order to provide for the overall health and safety of your pets and family members. Some rodent traps from All State Pest Control are 'smart,' meaning that they automatically send a notification to your phone when the trap detects closure.

To enhance the health and safety of local Staten Island homes, All State Pest Control also provides sanitation services specifically for rats and mice in New York. Our technicians will apply a spray treatment that sanitizes any nesting spaces, as well as insulation sanitation for affected areas.

All State Pest Control is ready to help with rodent control at a time convenient to you. Get started on a customized rat or mouse management plan by calling our nearby Staten Island office location. We look forward to chatting with you!

Easy Ways To Keep Rodents Away From Your Nassau and Suffolk County Home

Rats, mice, and the occasional squirrel can wreak havoc all over your Staten Island property. From contaminating food sources to chewing through insulation and wiring, there's little that rodents won't do once they've made themselves comfortable in your home.

The best way to keep rodents away is to take proactive steps in your home and yard. Not only will this rodent-proof your property before an infestation has a chance to take root, but it may protect you against disease and damage in the process.

Here are a few professionally vetted tips from All State Pest Control:

  • Seal up cracks and crevices on the exterior of your house, paying special attention to spaces around doors and windows.
  • Trim back trees or bushes that touch your home, as these provide easy sheltering points for rodents.
  • Eliminate food sources that may attract rodents, including pet food, bird seed, and fallen fruit from trees.
  • Keep your garbage sealed tight in containers with lids that fit snugly.

Of course, the best and most efficient way to treat and prevent rodents is to partner with a professional home pest control company such as All State Pest Control. Call us today to inquire about rodent control for your Staten Island property.

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When it comes to residential and commercial rodent control on Staten Island, you need a name you can trust. All State Pest Control is proud to service our friends and neighbors with more than three decades of experience, retaining some of the best technicians in Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

Rodent relief is right around the corner. Contact All State Pest Control for a customized treatment quote for any rodent infestation.

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