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Termite Control In Nassau & Suffolk County, NY

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Termite Infestations Are Rising In Nassau and Suffolk Counties

Over the past few decades, wood-eating insects like termites have become one of the biggest pest threats to the Bronx area. These tireless termites march through homes and businesses at surprising speeds, reducing wooden structures and beams to little more than fine sawdust. Once a serious infestation has had time to bed down within your property, you may find it extremely difficult to get them back out again, putting everything you have worked so hard to achieve at risk.

The termite control professionals at All State Pest Control understand how isolating a termite infestation can feel. Our groundbreaking services focus on a safe, discreet, healthy approach that protects the ones you love. By using a combination of market treatments and our own expertise, we guarantee to remove termites from your home in a few treatments or less.

How All State Pest Control Defends Your Business

formosan termites near a home in New York

Every termite treatment from the team at All State Pest Control begins with a singular mission; to root out every species of termite in New York that has made your house their home. We search the walls and supports for signs of mud tubes, frass, sagging, and more. We may also choose to investigate other at-risk areas, including bathrooms, crawl spaces, and kitchens.

After identifying the specific termite species, All State Pest Control will move forward with a treatment service catered to your individual needs. We use a few different types of solutions, including:

  • Liquid treatments that can be used both inside and outside the building.
  • Trenching and drilling programs that get to the bottom of the termite colony.
  • Termiticide solutions with bait stations that mitigate smaller infestations.

If your home is not currently dealing with a termite infestation, the team at All State Pest Control will be happy to provide some winning prevention services. We work hard to provide protection programs that isolate termite problems by using sprays and other treatments, keeping would-be termite invaders far away from your property.

Apart from our regular termite control treatments, All State Pest Control also assists property owners with the help of a wood-destroying insect report. Perfect for realtors and those looking to buy or sell a home, our comprehensive inspections assess your entire property for the presence of dangerous insects. We always go above and beyond to address each property and complete a thorough investigation of every building we visit.

Whether you need a termite treatment service or a WDI report, trust that the All State Pest Control team has what it takes to get the job done right. Contact us today to inquire about an initial termite inspection for your Bronx property.

Prevention Methods For Termites In Nassau and Suffolk Counties

Causing more than five billion in damages and prevention costs every year, termites are some of the most destructive pests in the United States. Homes quickly become overwhelmed by their massive numbers and gigantic colony sizes, with the creatures festering just out of sight until the situation becomes dire.

Unfortunately, there's not much that local home and business owners can do about this. It's simply not possible to avoid termites completely. However, it's entirely possible to reduce your potential risks by eliminating attractants both inside and outside your building.

Start with these professionally vetted tips:

  • Reduce excess moisture by ensuring your gutters are clean and in good repair, fixing any leaks immediately, and that you don't have standing water on your property.
  • Eliminate wood to soil contact as much as possible. Make sure there are at least six inches of concrete or pavement between the lumber on your property and the surrounding dirt. Otherwise, replace your mulch with rubber, rock, or other landscaping material.
  • Clear any debris from your property, including leaves, twigs, and dead wood. These items can serve both as a food and shelter source for termites.

If you still feel your Bronx home is at risk for termite invasion, All State Pest Control is happy to help. Just submit an online contact form to get a termite control estimate right away.

Call All State Pest Control For Termite Control In Nassau & Suffolk Counties

While it's impossible to avoid termites altogether, there are steps that every property owner can take to reduce their overall risks. However, the best way to keep your property safe is to partner with a professional pest control company like All State Pest Control. Our team has years of experience serving customers throughout the Bronx area, delivering quality outcomes that meet and exceed every expectation.

Contact us today to learn more about our residential and commercial termite treatments. We look forward to taking a stand against termites with you.

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