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Common Pests In Nassau & Suffolk Counties

If pests have gotten into your home or business, it can be helpful to know what you’re dealing with. The issues that ants cause are different from the problems that rodents cause, so knowing what you’re up against can help you make important decisions about pest control. Our Pest Library provides the information you’re looking for about the most common pests in Nassau County and Suffolk Counties.


Learn more about ants, why they infest Nassau and Suffolk County homes, and how to keep them out in this handy guide.

Acrobat Ants crawling on a tree

Bed Bugs

Learn about bed bugs and how All State Pest Control's bed bug control services will remove them from your home. Keep reading to learn more!


Use this guide to help you protect your Nassau or Suffolk County home against a cockroach infestation and learn how All State Pest Control can help.

Cockroach crawling in a basement


Cave crickets are frightening pests when they invade your Nassau or Suffolk County property. Trust All State Pest Control for stress-free cave cricket removal.

Close up of a camel cricket in New York


All State Pest Control is your go-to source for all things flea-related. These parasitic vector pests are a year-round threat to local property owners.



With a better understanding of flies, you can keep them out of your Nassau or Suffolk County home. Find out more about how All State Pest Control can help.

Blow fly landing on a kitchen counter


Mosquito infestations don’t have to be an itchy, dangerous nightmare. All State Pest Control can remove populations of these pests from your property.

Mosquito landing on water


All State Pest Control is here to help you learn about rodents and how our rodent control services will keep them out of your home throughout the entire year.

Roof rat pest

Stinging Insects

If you want to get rid of stinging insects safely, contact All State Pest Control at the first sign of these pests on your property.



Learn about termites in Nassau and Suffolk Counties and All State Pest Control's termite control services.

Termite looking to the sky


Learn all about ticks and partner with All State Pest Control to guard your family and property against these biting pests!

A tick on a leaf


Wildlife pests are year-round invaders that can seriously threaten your well-being, not to mention your property. All State Pest Control can help.

Opossum on a rocky road

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