Should I Be Worried About Cave Crickets?

Camel cricket on a white counter

Before you start worrying about a cave cricket invasion, let’s figure out what they are. A cave cricket in New York is brown in color, has no wings and is about five centimeters long. They have long antenna and hind legs. They can jump very high and far because of those long legs. Crickets are active at night and hide during the day. These crickets do not chirp. They enjoy hiding out in dark, damp areas, like caves, hence their name. They can also be found under rocks, logs and leaves. The worst place to find them is in your basement. Your basement provides a damp, cool environment for them to hide in. They commonly will move inside, if their environment has become too hot and dry.

Now that we know a little more about these crickets, let’s talk about their dangers. Well, these cave crickets do not really have a dangerous side. Their number one defense is hopping away quickly, when they feel frightened. They do not pose any health threat to humans. If you find these crickets in your home, it is because they are just looking for a moist area to hide in during the dry season. The most harm some crickets may do is cause damage to clothing and fabric. Other than that these crickets are basically just a nuisance to have in your home.

The best way to keep cave crickets from infesting your home is to keep the moisture down. These crickets thrive in a moist environment. That is what attracts them to areas like basements and crawl spaces. Also, sealing up any possible entry points on the exterior of your home will help keeps these pests out. If they do not have an easy access to your home in the first place, they will have no reason to look around for moisture build up. Having a sealed up home is always the first step to keeping pests out. Look for any entry points on the exterior of your home. This could be gaps around venting, cracks around piping, rips in screen doors or cracks in windows.

Another major step to keeping your home pest free is having year round pest protection from a professional pest control service. Having a trained team of pest control professionals protecting your home all year is an ideal way to keep pests out. They will inspect your home, eliminate any current pests and work with you to create the best pest control plan for your unique situation. This is essential, because we all know that a pest free home is a happy home.